About the Movie
2018 – Montreal, Canada
82 minutes
eMerge Entertainment
Supported by
Telefilm Canada, Talent Fund, SODEC

When Eric and Raj, old high school buds, try to build the next great app and become billionaires - they don't.

When ERIC NEWMAN, a shy corporate professional on the cusp of his 30's, gets laid off out of the blue, a chance meeting with long-lost techie buddy RAJ PATEL leads to scheming on startup billionaire dreams. With the help of a grassroots team led by the multi-talented JEANINE GENET, Eric and Raj may just be on the road to riches, freedom and finding their true calling. But what starts off promising soon turns into a slippery slope of growing sacrifices, leading them to not just question what they should really be doing with their lives, but also, like, how long they have left to live.

To watch a private screener, please email info@emergenterprises.com

Eli Batalion: Eric
Eli Batalion: Eric
Eli is a Canadian Screen Award nominated and Dora Mavor Moore award nominated actor known for the horror musical Stage Fright (Magnet Releasing), the internationally touring web series YidLife Crisis and the hit play J.O.B. The Hip-Hopera. Read More
Varun Saranga: Raj
Varun Saranga: Raj
Varun is a graduate of the CBC Actors Program and CFC Directing Lab. He has starred on numerous television shows, and is well known for playing Jeremy Chetri, the Black Badge lab assistant on Wynonna Earp. He can also be seen playing Vijay Gill on AXN/Bravo Canada's Carter starring Jerry O'Connell.   Read More
Amber Goldfarb: Jeanine
Amber Goldfarb: Jeanine
Amber Goldfarb is a Canadian Screen Award-nominated actor known for her work on both French and English television shows such as THE BOLD TYPE (Freeform), 19-2 (Bravo), LOST GIRL (SyFy & Showcase), KING (Showcase) and BEING HUMAN (SyFy & Space).Read More
Eli Batalion: Producer
Eli Batalion: Producer
Eli has received numerous nominations and awards as a producer, including winning the 2017 IAWTV Award for best web series, and being nominated for Best Original Digital Series in 2016 ad 2017 for YidLIfe Crisis for the Canadian Screen Awards. Read More
Philip-Kalin-Hajdu: Executive Producer
Philip-Kalin-Hajdu: Executive Producer
Philip is a multi-genre writer/producer who has produced the SXSW genre splash hit Game of Death, the web series SKAL and the award-winning web series YIdLife Crisis together with Eli Batalion. Read More
Sheiny Satanove: Associate Producer
Sheiny Satanove: Associate Producer
Sheiny Satanove is a producer of the horror film True Fiction starring John Cassini (for release in 2019) and numerous theatre productions. Read More
Check out creator Eli Batalion, executive producer Philip Kalin-Hajdu and Telefilm Canada National Director of Promotion Francesca Accinelli hosting a meet-up of Canadian filmmakers at SXSW in Austin, TX.
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